GC Sanispace
Commercial Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Working in a routinely clean and disinfected environment has never been more important. That’s why GC Logistics offers SaniSpace—a comprehensive custodial & janitorial solution for all manner of commercial, institutional, and government facilities.


GC SaniSpace uses stat-of-the-art fogging technology to treat all surfaces and permeate air filtration systems to eliminate all dangerous bacteria, viruses, allergens, and other harmful particles


Keep yourself and your employees healthy and ready to work with expert cleaning services provided by our experienced and through cleaning staff.


Cleaning services for commercial and government office buildings, medical or education campuses, and more

Cleaning services for commercial office buildings & complexes to warehousing and manufacturing facilities

Our cleaning services are essential for any facility or space that houses or prepares food

Cleaning services for retail banking, and financial as well as commercial buildings & offices

Cleaning services for government buildings and campuses, including military bases, prisons, and more

Hospitals, healthcare systems & medical offices to schools, colleges, and university buildings & campuses

Cleaning services for park or museum facilities, including associated buildings, offices & auditoriums

Any indoor facility dedicated to sports practice, training, or exhibition


Comprehensive cleaning services provided regularly or on demand

We can help you you keep light bulbs and A/C filters changed, and make minor mechanical repairs

Our fogging SaniSpace disinfection solution ensures a worry-free workplace

Expertise in regular and special custodial & janitorial services

Contracts available for regularly scheduled services, or simply call us when you need us

Cleaning & Maintenance Services
Keep yourself and your employees healthy and ready to work with expert cleaning services provided by our experienced and thorough cleaning staff. In addition to waste bin maintenance, surface cleaning, and sweep & mop service, GC Logistics also offers summary maintenance for lights & bulbs, fuses, A/C issues and more. Such services are also a feature of GroundSpace—the comprehensive grounds maintenance services provided by GC Logistics. Learn more at the link.

Commercial Disinfection Services
Our SaniSpace custodial & janitorial services may also utilize SaniSpace, our unique fogging disinfection solution that coats surfaces with a fine food safe mist to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses. Follow the link for details.

Custodial & Janitorial Expertise
At GC Logistics, we’ve become experts at keeping workspaces clean. From offices and workspaces to building lobbies, restrooms, waiting & medical examination rooms, and much more—the experienced team at GC Logistics has the training, know-how and dedication to get the job done right every time.

Scheduled or Onetime Service
Contract with GC Logistics for daily or regular JaniSpace service, or simply call us when you need us. We offer several levels of regular and onetime services, all priced competitively—so please contact us today.