About GC Logistics

For over 27 years, our team has worked to provide passenger transportation, facility maintenance, custodial service, advanced logistics solutions, professional services, and medical equipment and materials for government agencies, commercial partners, and the private sector. In short, GC Logistics is an experienced, strategic partner that has successfully exhibited unique flexibility across a broad range of industries in service of a diversified client profile.

Service Offerings

  • Custodial/Sanitization Service
  • Quality Transportation Service and Logistics
  • Comprehensive Grounds Maintenance
  • Medical Equipment
  • Medical Supplies
  • Professional Services and Consulting


GC Logistics is dedicated to serving our clients in the safest, most practical, and most cost-efficient manner possible. Ours is a complete solution—logistically sound, budget-conscious, and always focused on safety.


GC Logistics strives to be the premier service provider in the federal marketplace, providing a variety of logistical and facility support services with unprecedented customer service.